Work with startups

We actively work with start-ups both by attracting initial financing for them through a syndicate, and later by supplementing it with EU funding, and by providing professional start-up mentoring/acceleration services.

We usually provide the following services to a startup:

  • Formulation of the problem to be solved.
  • Value proposition development.
  • Business model creation/improvement.
  • Performing market analysis.
  • Organizing a syndicate to attract financing.
  • Introduction to potential business partners, team members, potential clients.
  • Introductory sales process training.
  • Preparation of a business plan and financial model to attract fund investment.
  • PitchDeck preparation.
  • Financial management and reporting services for investors.
  • Training, mentoring, support of startup founders.

The value of the service result for the client:

  • The startup receives top-level business angel competencies in exchange for an agreed and flexible benefits package.

The value of purchasing a service from us for the customer:

  • Application of accumulated know-how increases the speed of development of the startup.
  • Efficient, transparent, and predictable organization of work (methodology).
  • Possibility to offer additional related services.
  • Assistance in attracting local and foreign partners (lawyers, bankers, investment banks, investors, etc.).
  • Prompt provision of accurate and understandable answers to the client’s questions.

We also offer related services:

  • Consultations during the entire company acquisition/sale/merger process.
  • Preparation of the company for sale (arrangement of necessary documents, completion, and preparation of missing ones).
  • Preparation of a business plan / financial model.
  • Preparation of an investment memorandum and/or “teaser”.
  • Presentation of the company to the investor community.
  • Assistance in attracting legal advisors for the transaction.
  • Assistance in attracting financing sources for the transaction, etc.


Dr. Audrius Dzikevičius Eurokosultantų Grupė CEO

• Long-term experience in both business consulting and the banking sector (since 1999).
• Member of the Lithuanian Association of Business Angels (LITBAN) (since 2018).
• Founder and manager of the private capital fund "Step Capital".
• Long-term experience as a CFO for rent (since 2009).
• Long-term work experience in boardrooms of SME’s (since 2012).
• International experience in Switzerland, Italy, Latvia.