About us

test Eurokonsultantų Grupė’s experts share their knowledge and accumulated experience in the fields of fundraising, corporate finance and investment management, business valuation and investing in start-ups by teaching in Lithuanian higher education institutions, conducting seminars for entrepreneurs and making presentations at thematic conferences.


Why us?

We offer professional financial management (a CFO for rent) and fundraising services to businesses and the public sector, we use modern methods to determine the value of business (or its shares), we actively work with start-ups (investment, mentoring, acceleration), we organize trainings on various financial and investment management topics.

While working with us, clients of the Eurokonsultantų Grupė have successfully used and implemented the value added we provided them in the areas of fundraising, financial management, real estate, securities, various investment projects and business development, market research and other areas.

Eurokonsultantų grupė’s experts have been advising external organizations and companies on feasibility studies, business plans, applications for funding, cost-benefit analyses, business valuation, R&D projects, etc.). In recent years Eurokonsultantų grupė’s experts have additionally concentrated on creation, acceleration and ensuring their development of social projects and start-ups initiated and/or funded by the experts themselves.

19 years of experience,
in the market since 2004

We work with private
and public clients

More than 300 different projects

Dr. Audrius Dzikevičius

  • In 2006 graduated from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and received a doctorate in Social Sciences (Economics).

  • Working activities of dr. Dzikevičius started in a small business consulting company in 1999, then from the autumn of 2000 he worked in the Corporate Banking

  • Department of DnB Bank with projects related to real estate, M&A and large green-field investments.

  • In 2009 he founded and managed the private capital fund “STEP CAPITAL” and also started working as the CFO of Kaunas Free Economic Zone Management, UAB.

  • Currently, dr. Audrius Dzikevičius is a professor-partner at the Faculty of Mechanics of Vilnius tech university, vice-president of the “Cash Flow” club, a member of the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance and the Lithuanian Association of Business Angels (LITBAN), a member of the Council of Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, board member of startups Moremins, Foros Global and Cogastro, an active investor and business angel.

  • Dr. Audrius Dzikevičius is co-author of two books: 1) “Management of industrial enterprises: creation of added value based on innovation and leadership” (2021) and 2) “Innovation Management” (2022). He is also included in the list of the most successful Lithuanian personalities in the world.